Cassandra Barnes

Secretary, Volunteer

Cassandra Barnes dedicates her life to volunteer work in the community of Sanford Florida which she resides. A majority of Cassandra’s volunteer work and time spent is within the Middle School public school system. Her encounter with the students added a great educational experience to them all. Cassandra kept her school running smoothly by maintaining and promoting a supportive relationship with her students, teachers, and school staff. To help supplement her income, Cassandra found a job in Property Management. She was trained in housing development and marketing and maintained her career as an Assistant Manager for Property Asset Management for several years. Helping others to find a place to live is very important to her. Cassandra loves to sing in her local church choir and currently dedicates her time to helping disabled people. Cassandra is a respected and jovial person in her community and she continues to dedicate her time to whoever is in need.